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The Ambassador Program

First and foremost we appreciate your interest on becoming an ambassador for Gym Giants. We strive to help all no matter the sport or goal! If you’re hungry to be the best we want to help you achieve that! Becoming an ambassador for us not only means discounted product and earning commission. It also gives you the chance to earn a spot as an athlete. We’re always looking for serious and motivated individuals to add to the roster. So if you’re ready to put in the sweat and effort apply now and let’s get started!

The Incentives For Ambassadors   

You shall receive a discount code of 20% off of product for your personal use only. Also you will have a chance of extra income with the 10% off discount code that you will use to spread awareness of Gym Giants. All purchases made with that discount code will be tallied up by the end of each month and paid at the beginning of the following month. So you will receive 10% from each order that was made with your code.

What We Expect From You

Have at least a following of 500 on your social media accounts. And all of your accounts MUST be public and not private. Make at least three story posts and three feed posts a month tagging Gym Giants promoting the brand either with our supplements or apparel. Please be motivating and ready to help change lives for the better!


Thanks for submitting!

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